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Oxinchannel Persian application is developed by Oxinchannel and Saadi Foundation in accordance with the method and standards of the European Association for Education .
This language learning app enables users to learn Persian in the same way a native Persian speaker learns the language.
By watching daily video lessons, categorized by everyday topics and doing the interactive practices in the app, You will become skilled in speaking, listening, comprehension, and writing.
A native instructor will monitor your progress and will be available to answer your questions, give you more practices or even chat with you in the application. Therefore you will become fluent in Persian in no time.

Various types of content, delivered on you cell phone to learn persian


The first part of your daily lessons is a video in which an English instructor will teach you a short and practical lesson in a simple and easy to understand manner. This part will prepare you for the next video of the day: Learn.


In the Learn video, a native Persian instructor will teach you the main lesson and will give you an assignment that needs to be done and sent to the online teachers. In this part you will learn the main objectives of the day.

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Its practice time! Everyday you should do an interactive practice in the app which aims to review what you learned in Preapre and Learn videos and helps you master the day’s lesson.
There are 5 different types of practices in the app, so have fun!


Everyday we will send you some supplementary material such as short videos, podcasts, images, etc. If you are an eager learner, you can use these material to better understand lessons and practice a little more.

OxinChannel Persian is more than just an application …

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Educational levels
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A Proven Teaching Method

In Oxinchannel Persian, the first level is completed in 17 weeks. Each week has a specific topic and consists of 7 educational days. Every day we teach you a certain skill and give you specific practices on the subject.

At the end of the week you have to take part in an exam, so you will understand how well you are doing in the course.

At the end of the level you can take part in the final exam and you will be granted with an internationally recognized certificate from Saadi Foundation

An application approved by the European Association for Education

Our teaching method, syllabus and Oxinchannel’s educational material have been assessed and approved by the European Association for Education in Vienna, Austria. This means that you can confidently use this application to improve your Persian proficiency. Oxinchannel’s online instructors are also accredited by EAE and will do their best to meet your learning requirements.